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Inspiring knitting retreats in the most exquisite surroundings in Switzerland

Escape your busy everyday life and turn your back on the mundane
Knitterati Retreats offers two separate weeklong retreats, one in a pleasant historic setting, the other in a location with breathtaking views in the Swiss alps. Both of our knitting retreats are tailored to the knitter desiring a bit of travel and gentle adventure along with enriching their knitting skills, flowing with a pleasant and easy pace, with plenty of free time for reflection and, of course, knitting.

Enjoy thoughtful workshops by Nancy Marchant, Andrea Rangel and Simone Kereit of OwlCat Designs.

Schloss Münchenwiler, July 31st – August 6th 2017
Exhale and retreat to a fairytale setting on the grounds of a historic castle.
Escape the ordinary and make time to wander through a walled medieval town, and relax into the gentle and easy pace, while enjoying the view of the surrounding hills. Knit with kindred spirits, tour a chocolate factory and enjoy the award winning local seasonal kitchen at this location.

Learn from Nancy Marchant (who will be presenting her famous Brioche classes) and Swiss native Simone Kereit.

Riederalp – Aletsch Arena, August 7th – August 13th, 2017
For a more physically active recharge, a car free village situated high up on the sunny slopes of the Rhone valley is our destination. Take a guided day hike to the foot of the Aletsch Glacier, Europe’s larges glacier and a UNESCO world heritage site, hike up the slopes to a pristine clear mountain lake or simply take in the fresh air as you languorously sit in the sun and let your thoughts drift with the clouds. Spend time with like minded knitters and let your soul soak in the expansive view from your hotel balcony.

Workshops for this retreat will be conducted by guest instructor Andrea Rangel and Swiss native Simone Kereit.

Come find out what happens when you mix knitting with the most striking surroundings in Switzerland. No matter what your speed, the most magical time awaits you!