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The any-gauge cowl I’m wearing every day this winter

I don’t often knit with chunky yarn, but I think we can all agree that’s a mistake. It’s so satisfying in your hands, it makes such squooshable fabric, it grows fast and the resulting knitwear is just so irresistible! So although my new pattern, Tannholz, can actually be made with any weight of yarn, I have to admit the chunky version is my favourite child. It’s also the one my daughter keeps trying to steal from me.

Tannholz (“pine woods”) uses two textured stitch patterns to suggest two views of a forest – from far away, in geometric outline, and very close-up, with dense, bobbly pinecones. Note, I said “bobbly,” not actual bobbles. It’s done with just increases and decreases and goes faster than you’d think. I love what happens when you double wrap the longer version around your neck and get to see both contrasting textures jostling up against each other.

The pattern is written for two sizes and any gauge of yarn, and it’s 20% off until the end of Sunday, 24 January.