What to make with Magpie Fibers Swiftcurrent

A collage of variegated yarn with complementary orange and purple.

One of the things I love about Magpie Fibers is that Dami has so many colors that work beautifully together. When I first saw her yarn in person at the very first Knot House Maryland Sheep & Wool Indie Pop-up back in 2015, I was struck by how cohesive her color palette was.

Swiftcurrent, Dami’s Glacier National Park-inspired colorway for the latest installment of Knitting Our National Parks, is no exception and I easily found at least two colorways that would look perfect with it: Mesa and Linger.

I decided to put together some pattern suggestions for those pairings. Some use two and some use all three. And a couple are designed by Dami herself!

Swanky Sock

A cream colored shawl with red loops

Loop by Casapinka (I made mine in Swanky Sock!)

A striped wrap

Something Gradient This Way Comes by Dami Hunter (can use both Swanky Sock or Swanky DK)

Friend by Debra Gerhard

Summer Camp by Laura Aylor

Salt Point by Dami Hunter

Zweig by Caitlin Hunter

Swanky DK

A multicolored triangular shawl

Milu by Tamy Gore

A woman models a purple speckled striped shawl

Mirla by Lynn Di Cristina

Hediye by Ysolda Teague

Rhinebeck Hat by Woolly Wormhead

Old Pine by Melissa Thomson

More suggestions will be added to my Ravelry bundle!

What to stash this week: Yarny treats


At 9 a.m. PDT today, Laura and the Slipped Stitch Studios crew are releasing bags and other treats with their limited-edition Halloween fabrics for 2016. Perfect for trick-or-knitting.


While pretty much all of Casapinka’s patterns are made to complement those random variegated beauties in your stash, her latest calls them out. Bronwyn designed One & Done specifically for variegated yarn.


Another thing to add to your Rhinebeck shopping list: the Whisp cowl. Designed by Lesley Anne Robinson of Knit Graffiti Designs for Backyard Fiberworks and Feel Good Yarn Company, this brioche beauty will debut at the Indie Untangled Rhinebeck Trunk Show on Oct. 14 and is available to preorder and pick up there. 

Kettle Yarn Co. has kits containing three skeins of Waltham Aran to make Joji Locatelli’s new shawl, All I Want.

What to make with variegated yarn

Magpie Hediye

As a sweater knitter, I tend to gravitate toward more semi-solid colors. There are so many amazing variegated skeins from indie dyers, though I’ve often found it hard to figure out what to make with them — you don’t want lace and cables to get lost, but you do want something that breaks up the colors a bit.

Here’s a list of patterns, including some from Indie Untangled designers, that were created with variegated yarns in mind, or that show them off very well. And please comment with your favorites!


Above, Hediye by Ysolda Teague, shown here in Magpie Fibers Swanky DK in Rhinestone Cowboy

Loop by Casapinka

Loop by Casapinka

Brickless, Endless Rainbow or almost any shawl by Martina Behm

Night’s Watch by Lara Smoot

Multnomah by Kate Ray

Wave by Kristen Finlay

The Fool by Toby Roxane Barna

The Fool by Toby Roxane Barna

Ingot by Lisa Mutch

Momijigari by Beth Kling


Sugarplum by Lara Smoot

Sugarplum by Lara Smoot

Turning Stone by Chrissy Prange

Brighton by Veronica Parsons

Honey Cowl by Antonia Shankland


Oh Bother hat and cowl by Barbara Benson Designs

Oh Bother hat and cowl by Barbara Benson Designs

Botanic Hat by Stephen West

Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure


Sun Tea by Laura Aylor

Sun Tea by Laura Aylor

She’s Electric by Ann Weaver

On the Grass by Joji Locatelli