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2019 New Beginnings Yarn Club is Open!

It’s time for the 2019 STF Yarn Club to kick off! This year’s club is appropriately named the New Beginnings Club, after the new beginnings I’ll be experiencing in 2019 as a newly single woman, moving all by myself almost all the way across the country to New Mexico (new state of living, new state of being, just new states all around!) and what new colors I anticipate will come from all this change in environment and life.

This year’s club is a bit different than past years’ due to my relocation to New Mexico. I’ve decided it would be best to simplify the club offerings for 2019, as I’m really not sure what the future will be bringing me. I’ve changed the club to a quarterly shipment in March, June, September and December. And I’ve added more sizing options, from one skein per shipment up to four skeins per shipment.

For more information and details about which yarn bases will be included in this year’s club, check out the Visit This Shop link on this post. Up-front payments are already sold out, but there are monthly payment options available for U.S., Canada and international shipments. The clubs will be closing soon, though, so don’t wait!

And to read about my relocation to New Mexico, and see some gorgeous photos of where I’ll be living, check out my blog post.

I’ll hope you’ll consider joining me on my adventure!