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2021 Yarn & Roving Recap

Although the coronavirus kept us homebound for another year, that didn’t stop us from releasing four new products – two yarns and two rovings – in 2021! The products debuted at Indie Untangled virtual shows. I’m hoping it won’t be too much longer until I can introduce them to people in person! Like all our yarn and roving, our 2021 releases are made from blends of undyed, naturally-colored fiber and were processed by small, independent mills in the United States.

Here’s a bit about each one!

Karst – A whisper gray, sportweight yarn. Made from a blend of Cheviot sheep wool and a touch of alpaca.

Cottontail – A soft, shiny white roving. Made from a blend of Shetland sheep wool and mohair locks, this roving has a great halo when spun up into yarn.

Terra Preta – A rich brown, worsted-weight yarn. A tri-blend of Shetland sheep wool, Jacob sheep wool and alpaca fleece.

Cirrus – A pencil roving that can be spun into yarn or knit as is. Its stormy gray shade comes from a blend of Shetland sheep and Jacob sheep wool.

That’s a wrap from us for 2021! We hope to be back with more wooly wonders come 2022!