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Better brioche edges

In designing Wraparoche, I wasn’t happy with the usual brioche cast-on options, so I went looking for something a bit different. I found this braided two-colour cast-on to be perfect (and a good match for a two-colour brioche cast-off), and have shared the technique on my blog. It’s sturdy and decorative; it isn’t elastic, so you’ll need to take care to work loosely to match the brioche fabric, but the results are perfect.

I’ll also be publishing the cast-off tutorial shortly (both are of course included in the pattern). You can find plenty more tutorials for unusual techniques on my blog, including this one for one-pass brioche – ever wished you could do away with the hassle of repeating each row or round to work two-colour brioche? Turns out, it’s really not that hard… and makes challenging patterns like Pravigan that much faster. Of course it also works great for Wraparoche!