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A burst of colors has arrived!

Happy April!

I hope you have been able to start the month without falling victim to too many jokes and pranks. Personally I only fell for one — by my husband and our dear dog Hestia (yes, she helped him and I can’t even be mad because she was a good girl and did exactly as he had told her).

But back to fibery things!

Today I have both a new yarn and also some fibers for you. As always I started with the raw fleece and then washed, combed, spun and dyed everything myself.

Let’s start with the yarn Sunset Sky!
All the pretty colors in the evening sky are what inspired me to dye this colorway. Blue, orange, pink — this yarn has it all and in so many different tones and shades. It is a joyful burst of color for all those spring days that might be too rainy to truly enjoy time outdoors.

Here are the details of the yarn:
– 277m (303 yards)
– 120g (4.2oz)
– Weight: Sport (17 WPI), category 2 (fine)
– 100% wool (Corriedale)
– $37.50 per skein

Unlike the new yarn, the new fiber braid is carded (but both are made from the same fleece). It is the result of using a dye bath that didn’t exhaust completely and such a lovely salmon color! It is every so slightly textured, meaning it will give your yarn some extra character, without drifting off too far into the art yarn area (though you can of course still use it to make art yarn as well).

Here are the details of Salmon:
– 55g (1.9oz)
– 100% wool (Corriedale)
– $10 per braid

You can find both Sunset Sky and Salmon on my website.

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Enjoy your crafts!