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A marvellously moreish accessory set

I’m a big fan of what you might call deceptive knitting – cunning stitches that look intriguing, but are really simple, even mindless, in execution. Even more so when it involves playing with colour. So I was delighted to come up with this hat and mitts set, which definitely fits the bill; it looks super cool but knits up fast and effortlessly, and takes just two skeins of worsted weight yarn. I’ve been wearing them daily, too.

Mutzi looks like a typo for Mütze (German for hat) but it’s actually a Swiss dialect term for “kiss”. That fits the rows of kisses in the patterning, but I admit mostly I just liked the wordplay. In any case it’s published in both English and German, and available on Ravelry as well as Payhip.