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Add Naturally Dyed Yarns To Your Holiday Shopping List

Sometimes, the holidays sneak up on you. Other times, there’s so many choices, you just can’t decide what to get.

To eliminate some of the overwhelm, I’ve put together a Gift Guide highlighting naturally dyed, non-Superwash yarns that will help simplify your holiday shopping.

The Gift Guide highlights a few items to make your holiday fiber shopping easier and less stressful. Save yourself time and eliminate indecision by narrowing down your options and getting right to the good stuff! Then you can just grin happily when the receiver exclaims, “I love the colors, they’re so pretty,” or “Naturally dyed? So cool!”

Yarny inspirations for the holiday season include one- to two-skein projects, a shawl, a few sweater suggestions and nifty accessories. If you still can’t quite make up your mind, there’s always a can’t-go-wrong gift card! Items include Lunenburg, Missoni Accomplished and Forestland sweater yarn set; A.D. Cowl sets, handmade wool notion bags plus more.

Find the Gift Guide online at Flora Adora Fibers! Please feel free to contact me for questions, color help, etc.