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An Ode to Inspiration & Adventure

Anyone else spend countless hours on instagram drooling over pretty yarns and discovering new patterns? We know we do!

One of those discoveries has given us long-lasting inspiration: the Adventurous Wrap by Ambah O’Brien. The pattern was released this past winter, but it’s timeless, perfect for every season. The beauty and simplicity of the project had us brainstorming right away. We went right up to our studio to dye up 25 skinny skeins so we could make our own beautiful gradient. We loved the Adventurous Wrap so much, it kept us up late at night, or made us get up super early to sneak in a fewww more stitches. The frequent color changes and beautiful fade made it one of the most enjoyable projects to make.

It turns out our knitting friends have fallen in love too, and they started to beg for Nice and Knit kits for the Adventurous Wrap. Of course we obliged — and what fun we have had coming up with different color combinations! The kits disappear almost as quickly as they hit our website.

If you’ve had your eye on an Adventurous Wrap kit, we’re excited to share that we have just updated our shop with another round — the most we’ve ever offered in an update. And to help celebrate Mother’s Day weekend, we’re going to give one away! That’s 25 mini skeins, 87 yards each (2,175 total yards!) in some amazing colors. Just head over to our Instagram or Facebook. Follow us and comment on our most recent Insta post— that’s it! We’ll announce the winner Monday May 14 via our social media channels. Best of luck!