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Bioluminescence crescent shawl from Fiber Dreams

This gorgeous yarn (Nebula from Anzula) sparkles like the night skies, so when looking for a name for the pattern, I originally looked toward the skies, at the innumerable things in our solar system and the distant reaches of space. It occurred to me suddenly that the sky isn’t the only thing that sparkles at night. Millions of tiny little lights glimmer in our seas, too. One of my favorite things to do when SCUBA diving at night is to turn out my light, and in the total darkness wave my arm through the water. The thousands tiny creatures living there, normally invisible to the naked eye, sparkle in return. It’s breathtakingly beautiful.

The construction of this shawl is simple: it’s knit from the lace edge up, then shaped into a crescent with garter stitch short rows. However, eight of the wrong-side rows include lace manipulations. These wrong-side lace rows aren’t too bad to do, but make sure you count right!

For sale now on Ravelry. Pattern also open to shops who participate in the in-store program!