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Bring on the Fades!

Being an indie dyer, and a buyer of all things indie before I began BigFootFibers, I love indie designers. We will always gravitate towards a few designers that we absolutely love, and one of those for me is Andrea Mowry. Her designs are wearable, simple but fantastic, and utilize the kinds of yarns that made me want to start dyeing in the first place!

So bring on the fades Andrea! And so she has, with several pattern releases that have left me panting to keep up as a dyer. I love dyeing yarns that make my heart sing, and even more fulfilling is knitting with these yarns in patterns that make my heart sing! So in the shop you will find several kits in fadeable yarns, yarns that were dyed especially with fading in mind, designed to melt into one another seamlessly. And of course these fadeable kits were dreamed up to dovetail with Andrea’s latest patterns! I hope they make your heart sing also!