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Bumper Shop Update

The shop has been updated with three 100% BFL aran, two BFL/nylon sock and two North Ronaldsay lace weight skeins.

The lace weight is a new base for me – and is 100% British heritage wool. North Ronaldsay wool is pretty rare, but is a lovely strong, sturdy lace perfect for lace shawls. Both of the colourways are Robot Unicorn Attack II-themed. Veil of Wrath is a lovely goth blend of purple, lilac and deep black, while Celestial Resonator is a blended mix of blues and purples. Both are inspired by unicorn body parts from the game, so I guess a little morbid gothness is right!

I’ve also restocked Team Rainbow – which seems to sell within the same day every time I restock! It’s one of my favourite colourways, I love how the white space blends with the bright colours and I love that it’s showing Team Rainbow pride!

Cotton Candy is a new colourway for me – and is inspired by a 1980s My Little Pony. It feels odd to be using the American word rather than candy floss, but I’m going with the My Little Pony name! This is shaping up to be one of my favourite colorways – both to dye and the finished product. It’s also available in 100% BFL aran.

I’ve also added a pretty special skein – based on a myth about Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Rumours are flying about that it was designed to be played alongside The Wizard of Oz. I’m not sure how true the rumours are – but it made a pretty unusual yarn – Dark Side of the Rainbow!

Finally, I’ve added a couple of semi-solid colours. Both are inspired by myth and legend – which seems only right considering I am the CRYPTOzoologist!

Firstly there’s Gorgeia – inspired by the Greek legend about the origin of coral. And finally there’s Kelpie, inspired by the Celtic myth about tiny little water spirits.

All are currently available in the shop!