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Can’t Get Enough of Those Delightful Mini skeins?

I’ve put together a brand new 10-color mini skein collection featuring a palette of soothing yet vibrant semi-tonal colorways inspired by the January winter landscape. December and the holiday season is about giving to others, but January is for giving back to yourself. The days are dark and the weather is quickly turning colder. You begin to feel the gentle pull towards quiet and cozy things and with a suddenly wide open schedule, it’s your time to nurture your creativity and embrace the magical stillness of January. There is magic in the air when you look for it. You can see it glowing between the skeleton arms of the trees as they dance in the wind and in the alluring reflections of the snow covered landscape. There is a light within you, waiting to be nourished and there is no time like the present!

Each mini skein offers ~90 yards/20 grams for a kit total of 900 yards of fingering-weight yarn.