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Carbonized Bamboo for You: Nebelung

Spring is officially here! To me, the season calls for shawls and light scarves. Our sport-weight yarn Nebelung is perfect for crafting these items, or really anything that drapes.

Nebelung is a bit denser than your usual wool yarn. That’s because it’s a blend of wool AND carbonized bamboo.

Bamboo fiber is well known for making a dense, smooth yarn with a great drape. Carbonized bamboo does that while also giving yarn a distinct steel gray hue. The color is all natural and comes about during the carbonization process, an industrial work-up that entails incinerating bamboo stalks and reconstituting the charred fibers into a smooth roving.

At Gothfarm Yarn, we embrace undyed, natural colors. Nebelung’s overall matte gray hue comes from mixing the carbonized bamboo with naturally colored Coopworth sheep wool, which helps boost the yarn’s overall body and color depth.

Nebelung is great on its own, but we also love pairing it with indie dyed yarns. Add it to lighter colors to heighten contrast. Add it to darker palettes to heighten stormy vibes.

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