November 22, 2017

Celebrate Thanksgiving with 15% Off

Did you know that the tryptophan in turkey isn’t what makes you sleepy after a big Thanksgiving meal? The potatoes, yams and pumpkin pie — all carbohydrate-dense foods — are to blame for your post-dinner drowsiness. Just a little science fact for you to share with your family around the dinner table. 🙂

Speaking of science, my hand-dyed yarns are created using equal parts chemistry and creativity. As the holiday season approaches, I wanted to offer a 15% off sale on all full-sized skeins, no coupon needed, in my Etsy shop to help you treat that special crafter in your life to some hand-dyed sock yarn. Self care is important too, so if you see a skein that catches your eye, make sure to snap it up for yourself! Most of my yarns are dyed as single skeins so many colourways may never be repeated again. The sale ends Monday, November 27.

Oh, and have that second cup of coffee (or tea!) after Thanksgiving dinner. You’ll need a little energy boost to fit in some much-needed knitting time as you enjoy the company of those closest to you. Happy Thanksgiving!