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Celebrate the holidays in the most delicious way

Fancy a visit to Paris?

Close your eyes and imagine a patisserie on your favorite, quiet street in Paris. The morning is fresh, and crisp. The streets are still quiet, and on your cafe table sits a perfect cup of coffee and the most divine plate of pastry. What would you choose from the case? A chocolate croissant? A perfect palmier? Maybe mille-feuille?

As I was reading “Save Me The Plums” by Ruth Reichl a few weeks ago I was suddenly struck with the perfect inspiration for my 2019 Holiday Gift Sets. Reichl, a former restaurant critic and food writer for the New York Times, and editor for Gourmet magazine, travels to Paris for a segment in her magazine. While in Paris she samples the most amazing restaurants and pastries, and she takes us along with her vivid descriptions. As she was describing a cream filled delicacy I knew I wanted to use “Patisserie” for my Advent Calendar and Hannukah Gift Sets.

Maybe you can’t make it to Paris this year, but I can take you there in your imagination! Visit my website for all of the details on this special offering. Quantities are limited and both Hannukah and Advent sets will be available Friday, July 19th at

See you in Paris!

Heather Jane