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I started looking for a good name for this design practically the moment I cast on for it. I searched high and low, and nothing quite worked. Nothing reached out to me, and said This is it! Then one day a friend said that the stitch looks like drops of dew, which I totally love. Do you have any idea how many designs are named Dew Drops, or Dewdrop, or simply Dew? Neither do I. I stopped counting before I reached the end. I was smitten with the idea, though, and am utterly embarrassed that it took me ages to think of Dewpoint. Yes, I know it’s supposed to be two words, but this is a pattern name, so I can ignore the rules, if I want to. I had an additional reason for wanting “dew” in the name. I had to share this little quote with you that another friend found. It’s from Philip James Bailey:

“The dew, ‘Tis of the tears which stars weep, sweet with joy.”

This triangular shawl starts with a cast on of only six stitches, and increases only along one side until it’s full width. The shawl can be made in any one of the five sizes provided, or simply knit until you’re close to running out of yarn, or get bored. Then work the border until you get bored, or run out of yarn.