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Here be dragons: two one-skein cowls

Did you ever wish you could channel the strength of a dragon?

I admit it’s a lot to ask of a knitted accessory. But that’s what I was thinking of when I designed Haku and Chihiro – companion one-skein cowls using the dragonscale stitch pattern. I love the thought of casing my vulnerable neck in steely yet elegant dragonskin. And I really love how this looks.

Haku uses silky fingering yarn and beads for a glamorous, grown-up accessory with a flared base. Chihiro is a straight tube in worsted weight that makes a quick gift knit for kids or adults. You can buy the set for just €6, more than 25% off the price for each separately.

Incidentally, the names come from Miyazaki’s anime classic Spirited Away. It took me ages to find a named dragon who wasn’t scary – which probably shouldn’t have surprised me, and yet. Do you find the idea of wrapping your neck in protective but totally elegant dragonskin as appealing as I do?