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Fashionable Feet

Toasty toes are key for winter. Everyone wears socks, why not wear fashionable and warmly welcoming socks? I agree that the white tube socks have their place in the gym or for rolling around curlers but they are not for everyday. Make a statement with your feet and help us show off our newest product. Gradient double knit sock blank! All of the luscious colors from our gradient minis skeins spread over an easy to use blank. These are the coolest things to make two identical socks. A blank is yarn that has been knit into a long rectangle of one layer. The blank unravels from one end easily and you can knit directly from the blank. Or, wind a center-pull ball for a more traditional approach. The “right” end will unravel smoothly; the “wrong” end has a lockstitch at both edges. These blanks have been dyed with the a subtle transition from one shade to the next kept in mind. This color change occurs once across the entire skein and will have a soft heathered appearance when knit.

Keep an eye out, many more colors are on the way!