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Five New Scents at Sweet Sheep Body Shoppe

I’ve been hard at work putting together some new scents for my Sweet Sheep lotion bars! Besides moisturizing your skin with nourishing ingredients (like lanolin!), solid lotion bars are a treat for your nose, too. I love the way the fragrance subtly lingers throughout the day. When I want a little hit of almond or chocolate or spring flowers, I just take a sniff!

I am often amused by the types of items I need to gather together for a successful photo shoot to represent my scents, and this round was no exception! It’s not often that I walk into a flower shop to purchase six carnations and a handful of different mosses, for example. Or into a grocery store for a pound cake, lemons, some caramels, and dried chilli peppers, for that matter (though that would make for an interesting meal). Sometimes coming up with intriguing and representative photos is half the fun! The new scents are:

Carnation — a sweet, romantic floral with just a touch of clove.
Sea Moss — a gentle, peaceful, clean scent that has floral base notes.
Green Tea — a bright, herbal, slightly tangy, and refined scent.
Chipotle Caramel — a sugary-sweet, vanilla-based scent with a hint of spice.
Lemon Cake — a warm, buttery, practically-edible citrus scent (this might just be my favorite right now… YUM).

Which scent will you choose?