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Glowing Apparitions of Color for Fall Knitting

Fall is fast approaching and I am yearning for the crunch of crisp, colorful leaves beneath my feet and cool wind rustling through the trees. When I was a child my brothers and I would gather around a bonfire and roast marshmallows. As the night encroached and the moon glowed brighter, we would listen excitedly to each other as we took turns telling our favorite ghost stories.

These memories motivated me to create my latest color palette, each inspired by ghostly apparitions, tall tales and whispers in the dark!

My Scrying into the Looking Glass 2021 Halloween Advent preorder features 30 20g mini skeins and one full 100g skein in a Merino/nylon blend. As always, special goodies are included. Boxes are scheduled to ship on August 31st.

Also available is my Monthly Speckled Sock Club, fall hat kits and much more!