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Grace Fryer Shawl

Grace Fryer, along with other “Radium Girls,” worked for U.S. Radium applying radium-laced paint to watch dials in the early 20th century. At that time radium was widely believed to have health benefits and U.S. Radium encouraged the Radium Girls to use their lips and tongues to keep their paint brushes fine tipped. Grace was the first of the Radium Girls to bring suit against U.S. Radium after incurring strange medical symptoms and ultimately the legal action paved the way for improvements in industrial and employee safety.

The Grace Fryer Shawl is a semi-circular shawl knit flat with sections of repeating lace patterns. It uses one skein of sock yarn, perfect for that single skein you can’t decide how to use. The stitch patterns are provided in a chart, as well as written out, and percentages of yarn used are also provided if you wish to modify the size of your shawl.

Pattern has been test knit and tech edited. The sample is knit out of Copper Centaur Studios Centuar Sock in the colorway Caribbean Sea. Finished measurements are 39.5 inches wide by 21.5 inches deep..