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Halloween-Inspired Self-Striping Colorway

Halloween is 6 weeks away, which means you have just enough time to knit or crochet yourself a special pair of Halloween socks. This special Halloween-inspired colorway has four stripes: pumpkin orange (thin), black (thin), pumpkin orange (thick), black (thick). This colorway will be available through Halloween.

The name of this colorway is Tarn Wathelene. Where did this name come from? Well, a medieval story called The Awntyrs (Adventures) off Arthur contains a scene in which Gawain and Guenevere encounter a ghost! The Tarn Wathelene is the name of the lake where the ghost appears. I share more about the story on the inside of the yarn label.

Note: I’m dyeing batches of this colorway as they are ordered. Sometimes the yarn will be ready to ship and sometimes the yarn will be a preorder with shipment within a week. The listing will be updated and clearly marked whether the yarn is ready to ship or a preorder.

I hope you have fun with this Halloween-inspired self-striping colorway!