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Hand dyed yarn made with a bit of sass!

Sassy Black Yarns began one year ago… in my head. A co-worker told me that I should turn my love of yarn into a business because I would be the perfect one to put extra sass in it. From there I spent a good while debating if I wanted to dye my own yarn or just sell crochet items. I love making scarves and shawls, but I needed something more. I decided to give dyeing a try, and I fell in like/lust/love immediately. I have been obsessed with different colors and textures of yarn for years and dyeing yarn allows me to be creative. I love using my imagination to create new colorways. The possibilities are endless when I put those blank skeins in the pots!

Lakisher Hurst is the owner of Sassy Black Yarns, a hand-dyed yarn company based in East Hartford, CT. My yarn loving journey first started in 1998. After joining the military one of my many duty stations was in Seoul, Korea. I had the opportunity to tour a fabric mill and fell in love immediately. But obviously I did not join the military to play with yarn, so my new love interest had to take the back burner to what I signed up for. I did not think about it again heavily until 2009 when I decided to make my son a newborn blanket but did not know how. So, I took a crochet class at Joann Fabric. I learned the basics and have not put down my hook since.

Born and raised in Hartford, CT, life has not always been easy. But my love of fiber arts has always made me see that life is what you make it. And if you can make it into bright, vibrant colors then you are as good as Yowza Yellow!

Everyone is welcome here!

I love that you came to check out my small business and would love to help you make the projects you dream of my beautiful yarn.