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Huge 4.28.18 Shop Update with all new colorways on extremely unique bases!

This week, it’s time to bring several bases to the forefront that we don’t bring to fiber festivals and trunk shows with us. Singles? We’ve got it. Interesting plant fibers? We’ve got that, too. Here’s a comprehensive list of not-so-typical-for-us bases you will find in the shop on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time:

* Snazzy ‘n Groovin’ – a fingering weight base made of superwash merino and sparkly lurex.
* Smoothly Groovin’ – a single-ply fingering weight base made of superwash merino and luscious mulberry silk.
* Bambooin’ ‘n Groovin’ – a fingering weight base made of superwash merino, sleek bamboo, and nylon.
* Groovin’ in Tenceltown – a fingering weight base made of superwash merino and soft tencel.
* Groovin’ Goat – a fingering weight base made of superwash merino, mohair, and nylon.
* Heavenly ‘n Groovin’ – a fingering weight base made of superwash merino, cashmere, and silk.
* Single ‘n Groovin’ – a single-ply fingering weight made of tightly twisted superwash merino.

For those of you who prefer to stick with what you already know, we do have some of our Twisted Sock and Cuddly DK as well!

As for the colorways? Here’s a tiny description of the stories behind the colors this week.

Emo Little Pony –
Although not truly 100% new, this colorway has only been offered a tiny handful of times, and never on the expansive number of bases we have for you this week. A fluorescent purple that seems to defy nature, touches of hot pink, silver, and black! This one has been ooh-ed and ahhh-ed over in our Facebook Group all week, so we hope we’ve dyed enough!

Ludicrous Speed: They’ve Gone To Plaid! –
Are you a Spaceballs fan? Good! Me too! Find this brand new colorway on three different bases this weekend! A gorgeous dark pink-red, touches of cantaloupe, a peachy yellow, cream, silver, and deep charcoal. Different fibers take the dye in various ways, so choose your favorite application and give some skeins a forever home!

Cross-Bronx Expressway Random Road Poultry –
Sometimes, traveling during show season makes us a little punchy. This year, I traveled to the Allentown Fiber Festival with my best friend, Lauren-Rae of the All Wound Up Podcast which you can find on YouTube. We were very tired from driving, when all of a sudden, she yells, “CHICKENS! Are those CHICKENS?!” Indeed, on the side of the Cross-Bronx Expressway, there were many chickens and roosters just wandering about. Now they have their own colorway on three bases to celebrate their odd little lives! This one is a rich aqua-green, deep mustard, orangey brick, mahogany, and a deep coffee brown.

Modern Abstract: A Flamingo Protesting The Endless Winter –
This one is a colorway dyed as an exclusive for The Yarn Attic during our trunk show on the New Jersey Wool Walk. We had so much fun, and people online saw photos of this yarn and begged me for it. Rhonda was nice enough to release the colorway right back to us, and we will have a very limited number of these on our Bambooin’ base this weekend! It’s a kettle-dyed mix of the peachy pinkness of a flamingo, snowy white, and several tones of icy-blue.