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I need your help!

Are you itching to dive into the mesmerizing world of designing knitting patterns, but got stuck on your creative journey? Don’t worry; we’ve all been there! 🚧💡

I’m Ashleigh, shawl lover, knitting pattern designer, and author of Mosaic Knitting Workshop. I’m on a mission to unlock your design potential with my Shawl Design Unraveled course! 🗝️✨

Shawl Design Unraveled is a premium course that combines online lessons, fill-in-the-blank worksheets and checklists, style guides, and Canva templates, plus a supportive community, and live weekly group coaching sessions to cheer you on as you learn to design a shawl from scratch.

We will go through the entire process from dreaming up the idea, writing the pattern and creating, to getting the pattern ready to be tech edited, test knit, and ultimately published (if you so choose!).

But here’s the exciting part: I need your help to make this course EXTRA awesome! 🌟🚀

If you’ve ever daydreamed about creating your very own shawl patterns, whether you’re a beginner or have already dipped your toes into the designing pool, your insights are GOLD to me!

Follow this link or the Visit this shop button to find a Google Survey with a few quick questions, and in return you’ll receive a FREE knitting pattern of your choice to cozy up with on your needles!

Ready to let your knitting imagination run wild and help shape an epic knitting adventure?

Let’s knit our dreams together! 🌠💭