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🌟 I’m busting at the seams with excitement! My new course, Shawl Design Unraveled, is open for enrollment! This one-of-a-kind, six-week course will take you from “I have no clue what I’m doing!” to “I designed the beautiful shawl and am ready to publish it!”

This course is perfect for anyone who has considered designing in the past and has gotten stuck, or for anyone who has that itch to start designing their own patterns — we’ll start with a shawl pattern, and then the sky is the limit for you! 🌟

This course features prerecorded lessons about everything from calculating yarn requirements, using charting software, to getting your pattern written and ready for technical editing. We’ll also have weekly live Q&A sessions where we can deep dive into any topic the cohort is interested in, plus it features a supportive community where you can meet other new designers like yourself.

The last day to enroll is September 10th, and the course officially kicks off on September 18th! Enroll now and let’s embark on this exciting knitting adventure together! 🧶✨

Wrap yourself in luxury with the Sedona Sunrise Wrap. This lovely shawl has always been a crowd favorite, but the original yarn is no longer in production — so when Biscotte Yarns asked if they could translate the pattern into French AND make kits for my pattern, I jumped at the opportunity!

If you’re interested in kits, please visit Biscotte Yarns to see the gorgeous color combos they’ve come up with, or visit Ravelry for just the pattern!

Are you itching to dive into the mesmerizing world of designing knitting patterns, but got stuck on your creative journey? Don’t worry; we’ve all been there! 🚧💡

I’m Ashleigh, shawl lover, knitting pattern designer, and author of Mosaic Knitting Workshop. I’m on a mission to unlock your design potential with my Shawl Design Unraveled course! 🗝️✨

Shawl Design Unraveled is a premium course that combines online lessons, fill-in-the-blank worksheets and checklists, style guides, and Canva templates, plus a supportive community, and live weekly group coaching sessions to cheer you on as you learn to design a shawl from scratch.

We will go through the entire process from dreaming up the idea, writing the pattern and creating, to getting the pattern ready to be tech edited, test knit, and ultimately published (if you so choose!).

But here’s the exciting part: I need your help to make this course EXTRA awesome! 🌟🚀

If you’ve ever daydreamed about creating your very own shawl patterns, whether you’re a beginner or have already dipped your toes into the designing pool, your insights are GOLD to me!

Follow this link or the Visit this shop button to find a Google Survey with a few quick questions, and in return you’ll receive a FREE knitting pattern of your choice to cozy up with on your needles!

Ready to let your knitting imagination run wild and help shape an epic knitting adventure?

Let’s knit our dreams together! 🌠💭

🧶✨ Buy 2 Get 1 Free Pattern Sale! 🌟

I am revamping my mailing list and I want to be pen pals with you! I am offering a Buy 2 Get 1 Free coupon for anyone who subscribes! I have nearly fifty stunning patterns to choose from, and several new patterns, a shawl design course, and a KAL coming this fall — sign up today!

Let’s hop on a colorful knitting journey together! 💌🎉

🏖️ Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be back in Hawaii. The Kaneohe Bay Shawl always makes me feel like I’m back there again.

The fringe has pure palm tree vibes and the lace reminds me of those dappled sandy shores. I guess wearing this shawl is the next best thing!

Kaneohe Bay is part of my Summer Shawl Bundle — purchase all three for a 25% discount.

(P.S. Look at how happy and tanned I was!! Ugh, I need a Mai Tai…)

☀️ The dog days of summer officially start today! The perfect time to gather your very prettiest yarn scraps and cast on a Dog Days of Summer Shawl. This is a made-for-summer project — long, languid stretches of garter stitch let you sit back, relax, and knit, with a little lace and colorwork to pique your interest.

Dog Days is also part of my Summer Shawl bundle if you’re into discounts. You can buy all 3 for 25% off!

Looking for some quick summer knits? Check out my Summer Knits Bundle available on Ravelry, featuring a headband, two mosaic colorwork bracelets, and three colorwork scrunchies! Buy each of these patterns individually and pay $16. Get them all in this bundle and pay only $10 (that’s a 40% OFF saving!).

You can also just click here to add all the patterns to your cart with the bundle discount automatically applied!

It’s time to unleash your knitting superpowers! I am absolutely giddy to announce that after over a year of hard work, my first knitting book (omg, I’m an author!) called Mosaic Knitting Workshop is available for purchase!

I’ve poured my heart and soul into Mosaic Knitting Workshop, and let me tell you, it’s packed with all the juicy secrets of mosaic knitting. Brace yourself for step-by-step instructions, mind-blowing visuals (my photographer blew it out of the water!) and the kind of tips that will make you go, “Whoa, I never knew I could do that!” I even help you learn to read charts and written instructions, pick out yarn, select colors, introduce my favorite cast on and bind offs, and I even teach you how to make your own motifs!

The book features 15 projects ranging from wraps, shawls, and cowls, to blankets, throws, and pillow covers. Each project has its own unique motif, and I even suggest different colorways to change the “mood” of your project!

You can find the book available on Book Depository, Barnes and Noble, Bookmarked Hub,, IndiePubs, and Amazon OR if you’re intested in SIGNED AND PERSONALIZED copies of the book, you can find a limited number available on my website.

These signed copies come straight from yours truly, complete with a personal touch that’ll make your heart skip a beat. Can we say “collector’s item?”

Plus, you have the power to customize it with a handwritten message on the inside cover that’ll make this book uniquely yours or a heartfelt gift for someone special (just write in the notes upon check out what you want me to write!).

Grab your limited edition, signed copy of Mosaic Knitting Workshop now and let’s dive headfirst into a world of color, texture, and undeniable knitting greatness! You’re one stitch away from knitting mastery, and I’m here to cheer you on every step of the way. Let’s do this!

Also, if you need your copy of the book faster, or you don’t want to pay the couple of extra dollars to get it signed (don’t worry, I understand!), this book is available from all major book sellers – you can do a quick search for my name and it should pop up. Or, here is an Amazon link if you’re interested.

Huacachina is an oasis in the middle of one of the driest deserts in the world. This small Peruvian lagoon is surrounded by bars and clubs, and has increasingly become a launch point for adventurous sandboarders!

This fun three-color shawl takes a traditional half-pi shape and adds in short row elements to stretch the shawl in a wavy and undulating fashion, not unlike the many mirages you see when visiting Huacachina.

Choose any two funky colored fingering weight skeins, and one skein of your favorite mohair and get knitting! If mohair isn’t your style, just grab about half a skein of another fingering weight yarn of your choice!

For my sample, I used Superstition by Forbidden Fiber Co in Electric and Jewelry Boss, and Fairytale by Happiness Yarn Co in Blaze.

Sedona Sunrise is my absolute favorite shawl. I was inspired to design this shawl after a girls trip to Sedona, Arizona, that I took with my college roommates to escape our busy lives and reconnect for a few days. We stayed on a horse ranch and hiked to our heart’s content. Now, almost a decade later (after not seeing each other for about five years — aren’t adult friendships interesting?), we will be meeting up again next weekend to celebrate a wedding. With two young kids, I almost never get a chance to travel solo — needless to say, I can’t wait for a mini adventure!

This beautiful, oversized, three-color wrap reminds me of the gorgeous sunrises that awaited us every morning in Sedona.

The shawl is worked from the center out, and mosaic work makes the complicated easy — only one color is worked at a time! Happy knitting!

The pattern has written instructions for the garter stitch sections and has charted instructions for the mosaic sections, and there is a schematic to help guide the knitter. The pattern is available in both English and German.