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Jodi Locatelli’s Mystery Wrap KAL Kits

Yoshi & Lucy has released preorders for Joji Locatelli’s upcoming mystery wrap kal. Sign-ups are now open with the first clue release on May 12th. It is a rectangle shawl and uses five full skeins. Using a color guide from Joji I have put together two kits. They have been approved by Joji.

This kit includes the five full skeins that you will need to make this shawl. Have the choice between two bases, Isabel (Superwash Merino/nylon) and Ines (Superwash Merino).

Isabel Base
75% Super Wash Merino
25% Nylon, 4-ply
463 yards/100g

Ines Base
100% Super Wash Merino, 3-ply
490 yards/100g

This kit has been discounted. Full price of set is $120.

Kits will start shipping on May 1st with enough time for the first clue release on May 12.

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