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Knight of the Lion Yarn Club

The latest yarn club for Round Table Yarns is now open to subscriptions! In the 5-month Knight of the Lion Yarn Club you’ll get the story of Yvain, who decides to avenge his cousin who has had a shameful experience with another knight. This adventure will change Yvain’s life forever, but not always in a positive way. He’ll find and lose love and go on a number of side quests, one of which earns him the name Knight of the Lion. What happens to him in the end? Will he be shamed like his cousin or will he have a happier ending? Find out by joining this yarn club and following along on Yvain’s adventures.

For five months, you’ll receive one shipment each month (five total shipments) of a special yarn club colorway based upon this story. The story has been split into five parts. Each month, you’ll receive part of the story on a postcard (or two) and a color of yarn based upon that part of the story. In at least one of the packages, you’ll receive an extra small gift. Each yarn color is a surprise that you’ll anticipate each month along with the next part of the story. The colors are exclusive to the yarn club for at least three months from the date of shipment. Colors will be semisolids/tonals.

You’ll also have the option of participating in a knit-along/crochet-along in the Round Table Yarns group on Ravelry, where you can chat with other yarn club members and be eligible to win prizes. In addition, you’ll receive a recommended list of pattern ideas (posted on Ravelry) for using your yarn club yarn.

Sign ups for the club will run from June 27 through July 9. However, the club may close early if all spots are filled.