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Luxury for Your Lips

If your lips could use a little lanolin love, Sweet Sheep Body Shoppe has got you covered. I’ve just added seven tasty lip balm flavors to the shop:

• Lavender EO: scented with essential oils, calming and relaxing
• Spearmint EO: scented withe essential oils, fresh and uplifting
• Passionfruit Rose: both fruity and floral, tropical and elegant
• Chocolate Cupcake: warm and chocolate-y and sweet
• Toasted Coconut: sweet and toast-y, tropical and nutty
• Strawberry Vanilla: like the lip smackers of childhood, sweet and fruity
• Lemon Lime: fresh and bright, tangy and sweet

These balms contain luxurious and skin-loving natural oils and butters, including mango butter, beeswax, avocado oil, vitamin E oil, and lanolin. They are hands-down my favorite lip balm (not just because I cooked them up) and I hope you love them, too, if you give them a try!