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Merry Mohair Special + White Christmas Yarn Inspo

In Nordic countries, the yule goat, or Julbocken, is a winter holiday tradition.

The yule goat hearkens back to pagan times when it was connected to winter harvest rituals. Today, you mainly see it depicted in straw sculptures and ornaments that spread holiday cheer.

To my eye, many illustrations of the yule goat resemble Angora goats, which we all know and love as prolific producers of mohair.

In honor of our favorite holiday goat, we’re offering 10% all mohair products! Just add your favorite mohair products to the cart and enter “MERRYMOHAIR” at checkout. (Offer expires Dec. 25).

Our mohair products include our roving Cottontail, a mohair and Shetland wool blend that’s soft and shiny with a great drape, as well as four unique yarns: Muskeg (amber mohair and brown Rambouillet Merino wool), Arkose (white mohair, white Rambouillet Merino, red alpaca), Gabbro (black mohair and Jacob sheep wool), and Alabaster (red mohair and California Red sheep wool)

Arkose and Alabaster are among our collection of what I call “blushing white” yarns, blending just a touch of red with otherwise white fiber. We have two other white yarns, Bone (100% Navajo-Churro) and Kaolin (Tunis and Lincoln Longwool). If you’re looking for any projects that reflect the White Christmas color palette, we have options! Check them all out and get inspired.

I hope you have a great holiday with lots of quality time with a favorite fiber craft.