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MVP 💜 NEW Tonal in the Shop Looks FAB with Charity Colors Fair Fight & Stand

Excited. Inspired. Hopeful.

Our newest bold and beautiful tonal colorway, Madam Vice President, MVP, inspired by our country’s first Madam Vice President, looks great with our charity colorways!

Fair Fight is a colorway for charity that we launched in 2020. While we may have differing political opinions, we believe voting should be fair, for everyone, NO MATTER WHAT! Living in a state that has disenfranchised voters with “surgical precision” we are doing our part to fight back. We donate $10 from every skein of Fair Fight sold to

Stand is another colorway for charity that we launched last year. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and in an effort to support the movement for social justice locally we created Stand. Proceeds from Stand are donated to Heal Charlotte, a local nonprofit organization aiming to support local families and to improve the neighborhoods in which they live. With this re-release of Stand, we are donating $10 from every skein sold to

We donated $240 to Fair Fight, $440 to Heal Charlotte and over $1250 to various charities in total with your support during 2020. We make our donations quarterly and will continue to do so.

MVP and our charity colorways Fair Fight and Stand are in the shop now, DYED TO ORDER, on ALL of our bases. Which base will you choose?