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Nature’s Rainbow: Adding Color With Alpaca

True black. Cinnamon red. Stormy gray. Sunny fawn.

That’s just a small sample of the array of natural fleece colors produced by alpacas. According to the Alpaca Owner’s Association, the spectrum of colors can be sorted into 16 standard hues!

At Gothfarm Yarn, we often use alpaca fleece to add a pop of color to our yarns. As an added benefit, alpaca adds a delightfully soft handle, with alpaca having a smoother feel than wool fibers of a similar width.

We currently have four alpaca blend yarns:

1. Arkose: Cinnamon red alpaca + White Rambouillet Merino wool

2. Aswan: Cinnamon red alpaca + Jacob sheep wool

3. Carbonado: True black alpaca + Gotland sheep wool + East Friesian sheep wool

4. Ultisol: Cinnamon red alpaca + Zwartbles sheep wool (also available as a roving!)

We don’t use dyes or synthetic materials in our yarns. Instead, we opt for undyed fleeces – and embrace the natural colors and textures they offer. And we love drawing on the natural rainbow available in alpaca fleece. We’ll be releasing more alpaca yarn in more colors later this year, so stay tuned!

Interested in learning more about alpacas an their fleeces? Check out the Fauna section of our website for more information.