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New Gradient Colors / New Gradient Base

It takes a while to develop a new gradient colorway, so it’s very exciting when it’s ready to share. Introducing Beekeeper in six shades of yummy honey. From light to dark it includes Beeswax, Protect the Pollinators, Honeycomb, Dumbledore, Queen Bee and Hive Mind. It is currently available in fingering weight on my Scrumptious HT base, which is 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% nylon. Like all my gradient sets, it’s a six-color set and available in three fingering weight sizes: Marianette (40 yards each/240 yards total), Perfection (133+ yards each/800 yards total) and Half (200 yards each/1200 yard total).

I was surprised to realize that with Beekeeper, I now have 19 gradient sets in my line! In addition to fingering weight, I have been dyeing all my gradient sets on a new base — Jujubee DK contains six mini skeins with 50 yards each in a springy 100% Superwash Merino. It’s the same base as my Playtime DK yarn, making it perfect for when you need a main color to go with your gradient. Jujubee DK minis are currently available in 10 of my gradient colorways. The newest additions are Unchained Melody and Mountain Majesties.

Patterns featuring Beekeeper and Jujubee DK minis will be debuting within the next few months.