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NEW YARN: Meet Mutton!

After more than a year without a new yarn release, we recently added two new additions to our lineup of undyed, naturally colored yarn! This post we’ll be introducing one of them – Mutton!

Mutton is a 100% wool yarn named for its rugged good looks and rodeo style. It looks like a little lasso! Made from a blend of Lincoln sheep and Tunis sheep fleece, Mutton is a strong and durable yarn that is well-suited for outwear. Its high twist adds character to an array of projects. Use it to create textured knits and weavings, or as an alternative to cotton cord in small macrame works. Mutton is machine spun but oscillates from its overall worsted weight to sport and fingering weight, which gives the yarn a handspun look. This variation just adds another layer of texture!

We’ll be sharing more about our other new addition – Juniper – in a follow-up post on the Indie Untangled Marketplace later this month. Don’t want to wait? You can check out both Mutton and Juniper in our online shop now!