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Our Newest Natural Black Yarns

Our two new natural black yarns — La Brea and Carbonado — are now available in the online shop. Each one offers a different take on undyed yarn in natural black!

Named for the famous tar pits of Los Angeles, La Brea is a rustic worsted-weight yarn made from 100% Navajo-Churro wool. Navajo-Churro sheep are a dual-coated breed with a downy undercoat and a hairy outercoat. Some of the sheep fleeces used to create this yarn had white overcoats and black undercoats, leading to the smattering effect you see in the final yarn, which blends both coats together.

Carbonado is a sportweight yarn and a restock on a reigning favorite. It’s a tri-blend yarn, with its main ingredient being true black alpaca. This fiber helps give the yarn its dark hue and smooth feel. The yarn also contains Gotland sheep wool, which adds a silver shine and halo, and Coopworth-cross wool, which helps keep everything together!

Embrace the black sheep of the world with either of these beautiful yarns!