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Regency Collection 5th edition – Pemberley

One of my favorite literary couples is Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. What better way to celebrate their relationship then to go back to place where it all began? It was upon Elizabeth’s tour of Pemberley, the grounds, and seeing how Mr. Darcy acted towards her family that changes her feelings about him. In this 5th edition we go to Derbyshire and the Pemberley Estate. The colors work well together to create a lovely seven color fade. And to make things easier I have offered up the colors for pre-order as a complete kit on my Snug fingering base.

These colors include from Blue to Green: A stream of some natural importance, To be mistress of Pemberley, Elizabeth was delighted, A large handsome stone building, A small country estate, Ridge of high woody hills, & Derbyshire.

Additionally, all Regency 5th edition colors are available individually and can be dyed on Snug, Delight DK, or my Comfy Worsted bases. I only have a limited supply of the heavier weights so once they are gone that is it. There are also two additional colors to the collection: Talk Darcy to Me and The Lakeside District, which also pair well with the colors in this particular fade.

Colors in the 5th edition collection will be available for preorder on the website through Sunday March 4, 2018 until 8 p.m. Eastern time and should ship in late May.