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Say Hello to Latta

We’re getting to the sticky hot part of summer. Where all we want to do is take our latest project to an ice cold movie theatre and watch the Barbie movie (anyone else seen it?). It’s got us thinking about yarns that will keep you cool. Queen City Yarn recently launched their newest non-Superwash yarn, Latta. With how they’re treated (or in this case, not treated) non-Superwash yarns are able to retain their temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking abilities. That makes Latta able to keep you cool in the summer (not to mention warm all winter, too).

Sportweight Latta is a round 3-ply yarn that is strong, bouncy and full of life. It is comprised of American-grown Merino/Rambouillet. QCY has dyed a range of saturated colors that make it great for colorwork.

We’re eyeballing these projects, designed specifically for Latta:

The Chandler Sweater | Blending modern and classic styles, the Chandler Sweater provides a preppy look that is a joy to make and wear.

Queen City Cowl | This subtle crown motif and two-layer construction really shows off the lace design. Both patterns are now live at

And if you’re still looking for the perfect Barbie pink, you’ll definitely want to take a look at Sunset Beach.