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Shades of Gray at Gothfarm Yarn

We love gray at Gothfarm Yarn.

It’s one of the most common fleece colors; sheep, goats and alpacas all come in shades of gray. Since all our yarn is made from undyed, naturally colored fibers, that means a great, gray color palette that we blend to produce some of our most popular yarns.

There’s Gabbro, a mottled, tweedy blend of Jacob Sheep wool and black mohair; Nebelung, a matte-steel blend of carbonized bamboo and Coopworth sheep locks; and Carbonado, a tri-blend yarn with silver gray halo from Gotland sheep fleece. (The yarn’s primary black hue comes from a blend of true black alpaca and East Friesian wool.)

The different fibers give each yarn a different look and feel, so make sure to visit our website for more information on each one. Our mini-skein set, pictured here in the aptly named Grayscale, is also a great way to sample the yarn.

Our gray fibers extend to roving, too. Handspinners, needle felters, weavers and fiber artists: Check out out Jacob Sheep wool roving and Coopworth sheep wool roving to add some great, gray raw materials to your stash.