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Shop Update & Changes

I’ve decided to change the way I list colourways in my shop recently, and to a lesser extent the way that I dye certain OOAK skeins.

When I first started dyeing, I had so many ideas in my head about colourways that I dyed just one skein at a time to get as many colourways as I could out into the world. I would occasionally add multiples of incredibly popular colourways, but most remained with just having one skein dyed, one skein listed.

Recently the demand for some colourways has been huge, and they have been selling out before people manage to get their hands on them — so I have decided to add pre-orders to my Etsy shop. This is for a key range of some of my most popular repeatable colourways, such as my Tokyo Mew Mew range and my Adventure Time range. This means you can now purchase up to five skeins of them at a time, and I will custom dye them for you.

To begin with I have added the following yarns to the store as pre-orders: Team Rainbow, Glamour Prism, Ichigo, Zakuro, Mint, Lettuce, Celestial Resonator, The Nightosphere and Electric Sheep.

In addition to this I have also added two new colourways to my core range. The Grand Budapest Hotel as the first part of a Wes Anderson-inspired line and Burmecia as part of my long-running Final Fantasy range.

So, at the moment the shop is full to the brim of bright colourways waiting to grace your needles and bask in the sunshine to become socks or a shawl… or whatever else you can think of!

I hope to see you there!