January 20, 2016

Silk Sheep is Here!

Each year, I try to begin the new year with a new yarn base. This year, I’ve chosen a 50/50 silk/Merino fingering weight that goes by the name of Silk Sheep. The special thing about this yarn is, once you own it, you won’t be able to keep your hands off of it! This very round 4-ply, medium twist yarn is not only silky smooth and luxuriously drape-y, but it has all the squish and spring of what must have been some of the cuddliest sheep on the planet. I’m not a huge fan of silk blends, myself, but this is the kind of yarn that I would knit with again and again. It’s not overly shiny like some yarns whose silk is synthetic, either. The pure silk in this fiber blend has a gentle sheen that will ad luster instead of glare to your finished project, and who wouldn’t want that? Available colorways include: Lipstick on His Collar, Kozmic Blues, Veridian, Lost in a Daydream, and Eleanor Rigby.

Silk Sheep also comes in a generous hank of 438 yards (400 m) per 100g. That’s far more yarn in a single hank than you will find from most commercial companies. As well, the eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes are fixed to eliminate the bleeding and fading that you so often get with the commercial “hand paint” yarns. Dyed in jewel tones, Silk Sheep is a dream come true for shawl, scarf, and lace knitters. So, stop by Cedar Hill Farm Company and check out the very unique and very beautiful Silk Sheep today — your stash will thank you!