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Silky Cashmere, Magic Mohair, and Mini Skein Bundles

Visit Sew Happy Jane for all kinds of lovely updates this weekend! Here’s some of what you’ll find in the webshop right now:

~ Magical Mohair in five delicious shades (ideal for pairing with my most popular signature colorways)
~ Buttery Soft, Silky Cashmere (perfect for spring/summer tees and wraps)
~ Loads of Delightful DK! (Do you have your eye on the new Soldotna Crop by Boyland Knitworks? I’ve got some beautiful pairings for you to consider.)
~ Mini Skeins! (If you’re like me and you have bottomless love for the Mini Skeins, there is a fresh crop ready and waiting for you.)
~ Several new spring colorways in fresh and vibrant shades to help encourage the weather to send in the sun.