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SkeinMinder and SkeinTwister Orders Open!

Hello, dyers! We’re gearing up for another production run of SkeinMinders and SkeinTwisters! The price on SkeinTwisters is discounted for a limited time, through Nov. 11, and we’re extending the discount period for SkeinMinders thru Nov. 11 as well with coupon code SMDISC.

Haven’t heard of the SkeinMinder or SkeinTwister? They’re tools we build just for indie dyers, to make slinging yarn a little easier. The SkeinMinder adds automation to your motorized yarn winder – just set the rotation count, press the big red button, and forget about it! It’ll automatically stop when it gets to the proper count. It’ll also detect yarn jams and pause your winder, and there’s a mode that’ll shut your winder off automatically when re-skeining and the yarn runs out. If you’re winding skeins yourself, this tool will increase your productivity and decrease the amount of time you spend fixing winding errors.

The SkeinTwister is a motorized hook that helps you twist skeins into their final put-up. It has already helped a couple hundred dyers eliminate repetitive motions, and twist skeins faster and more consistently. Set it to the number of seconds of twist time you need, tap the foot pedal once, and it’ll produce the same amount of twist each time. So no matter who is doing the twisting, your skeins will look perfect! Or if you prefer, you can use it in “press and hold” mode, just hold the foot pedal down for as long as you need and release it to stop twisting.

Deliveries for SkeinMinders will start in late December, SkeinTwisters in late January. Order yours now to save a little money and reserve your place in the delivery queue!