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SkeinMinders are here!

We’re excited to announce that SkeinMinders are now available on our website! Thanks to a our Kickstarter campaign, and special thanks to many of you Indie Untangled folks, we successfully finished the project and recently delivered all the units promised to our backers. Now we’ve started to build them on a continuous basis, in smaller quantities, and they’re available at We’re also offering free delivery to those of you who will be at Rhinebeck!

What is a SkeinMinder, you say? It’s a device that automates skein winders, making it an essential tool for any indie dyer with a motorized winder. Just set the number of rotations you want, press the Big Red Button, and that’s it! The SkeinMinder will automatically stop your winder when it gets to the right count, freeing you to do other tasks in the meantime. It also shuts your winder off if the yarn gets jammed.

Use the SkeinMinder to:
– Wind skeins from cones
– Wind minis from larger hanks
– Re-skein full skeins
– Keep your sanity

Check out the dyers who are using SkeinMinders in the Hall of Fame, or on instagram: #skeinminder
(This also serves as quite the excellent enabling list, by the way.)

Happy Winding!