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Somm Collection Release

Just released on my website!

The Somm Collection is a mix of soft, bold, and rich fall colors. Each color is inspired by a recommendation from my favorite Somm, my brother-in-law! The wine recommendations he gives for each Somm yarn color are currently on the Yarn Jam web site. We worked together to choose wines that are easily accessible for everyone.

While there is some Somm yarn in stock, this collection will be primarily Dyed to Order. I have limited space for housing in stock yarn. It also allows me to make sure you get exactly what you want and just the right amount of it. I will do my best to ship out your yarn ASAP!

All colors will be available on a variety of bases. These include many different weights and fibers. Visit the Dyed to Order tab to customize your order.

Is there any better fall pairing than wine and yarn?! Enjoy!