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Spring & Summer Scents on Sale!

As August comes to a close and autumn draws near, I’ve been very busy over at Sweet Sheep preparing all sorts of fun fall scents for my super moisturizing, lanolin-containing lotion bars. To make room for cozy spicy things like Apple Butter and Pumpkin Spice, the spring and summer scents must go! The following lotion bar scents are on sale for 25% off:

Coconut Lime
Chipotle Caramel
Fresh Mango
Honey Beeswax
Sea Moss
Spring Meadow

Once these scents sell out, they won’t be re-stocked until next year. (Have no fear, however: you can always request a bar through a custom order.) The bars have a very long shelf life (up to 2 years) due to their lack of water and the stable, anti-oxidant oils I use in my recipe. This means that if you purchase a summer-scented bar now, it will still be fine to use next time the warmer weather comes around!

Also, a small PSA: as of September 1st I will be raising prices by approx. 5% to more adequately cover my costs. So now’s the time to grab your bar or lip balm at their current prices!

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