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Stash? What stash? I don’t see any stash…

I don’t know about you, but there are yarns out there that I can’t resist. SHOCKING. For me, Kauni is one. If I had a whole wall with one (or two or three) of each colorway, just to look at while drinking my tea every morning, I could die a happy woman. Except…it’s a little scratchy. And you can only wear so many rainbow sweaters as an adult before people look at you funny.

Then on Ravelry, I came across the LightWaves pattern by Susan Ashcroft. Well. Say no more. I wanted to abandon everything I was working on, and pretty much did. Not only do I try not to dye the same skein twice, I rarely make the same pattern. This? I’ve made twice and #3 is in the wings. My Lalo baby alpaca/wool/silk blend makes the top of the shawl so soft and cozy, and you can get two shawls from one skein. Kauni make so many color choices, you could have fraternal-twin shawls and perhaps justify some of that stash. (I would never judge your stash, though, not me!)

I’ve posted some newly-dyed Lalos to give you some color inspiration (indigo/osage orange, weld, and cochineal), plus my first LightWaves. The Lalo top in that one was a one-off indigo overdye. The new skeins aren’t in the shop yet, but by the end of the weekend, they plus a few others (Pippi BFL sock, Nell MCN sock, and Lily Merino/silk) will be. Thanks for stopping by!