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New Release: The Legend of Vox Machina Yarn Collection

Our first collection for 2023 is The Legend of Vox Machina Collection, based on the hit Amazon TV show and in honor of the release of its second season! The Legend of Vox Machina Collection features seven brand-new yarn colorways inspired by the characters and their creators, the cast of hit Dungeons and Dragons podcast Critical Role!

* Everlight – a buttery yellow with speckles of gold, turquoise, and red
* Strongjaw – deep grays and blacks speckled with blood red
* Sun Tree – variegated orange, yellow, and green
* Champion of Ravens – multicolored overdyed with black to resemble a raven’s wing
* Mistress of the Hunt – variegated black, gray, and turquoise blue
* Heir of Whitestone – deep blue and royal purple, speckled with gold and red
* Scanlan’s Hand – vibrant magenta and lilac

Whether or not you are a Critter or gamer, we hope you enjoy this new collection!