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The natural beauty of wool

Today I have for you not one, but two new yarns on my website.

Both are 100% wool and undyed to showcase the variety and beauty of different wool breeds.

The off-white/ivory yarn you can see in the pictures is Undyed Romney. It is about DK weight with 156m (170 yards) on 120g (4.2oz).

The light grey yarn is Casper, named after the sheep who donated the wool. These skeins are also 120g (4.2oz), but come in two different yarn weights (and yardage). And the special thing about this yarn: It can earn you an official Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em sticker!

As always, I purchased the raw fleeces and then processed and spun them myself. So lots of my love and passion for fiber crafts went into these skeins!

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Enjoy your crafts!